Pixabay Audio Destroys The Music Industry

Pixabay Audio Destroys The Music Industry in 2023

Copyright matters in 2023.

Music For Free Brings Problems

Imagine the following: You work 60 hours for a company and go home with 0$ hoping that someone will slip you 5$ on the way home. The people have all become poorer, so the probability is low that you will get a donation.

The result: you invest energy, creativity, life time and you can’t even buy a bread roll with it: That’s what free music libraries are all about.

The artist uploads his music for free, and doesn’t get a cent for it, of course people can donate to him, but as we are all used to on the internet: Permanently get something for free, why pay money for it?

A completely distorted picture, because you end users use the tracks for their content, with which they themselves earn money – the musician, however, remains: Poor.

Build A Website

And the best is yet to come: Then video creators still complain that their videos were blocked because the FREE music that they download for FREE, with the intension to earn money with it (the music artist gets as said NOTHING) – this music is blocked by Youtube and Co. – because the music is already Content ID technically protected.

That is, everyone loses: Music producers, video producers. But there are solutions, there is the possibility to use music libraries that deliver great music, the artists are paid fairly, and the content creator can be 99% sure that he can earn money with his content and the music used in it without his video being blocked. Why only 99% ?

Download Sounds With 100% License Guarantee

Copyright-Strikes Though License Coverage.

Well, no system is perfect – in the end this means that even if you get the 100% license from the respective music provider, for which you also pay money, it can still be that your video is blocked temporarily, because firstly:

The content ID system make mistakes (then it is not the music provider) or the artists of the music provider, in turn, provide their music not exclusively but on several platforms, and there someone has created a shady licensing to evoke this block.

So let’s get back to this: Large, but also expensive music libraries like Epidemic, Premium Beat and Artlist are great in terms of quality, but use musicians from all over the world, who in turn use their music everywhere, thus creating blocks in the content ID system.

Try Sampleloader – Get A Copyright-Guarantee!

With the music library app Sampleloader you go the way, only a small team of 10 composers, but who produce exclusive content for Sampleloader, of course, the selection is no longer on ten thousand tracks but in the mid-digit thousands, but the quality and exclusivity is just as great and Sampleloader can offer a better price for the content creator, because a team of 10 people better profits from the share revenue, than offer large music libraries, which broadcast their share revenue to over 1000 composers.

Another advantage is that Sampleloader has the maximum overview of the works through an exclusive composer pool and therefore a 99.9% copyright claim free guarantee. Of course, there can be errors in the system, so that Youtube still comes once on the and blocks a video, Sampleloader has taken precautions and offers prefabricated license documents that confirm the 100% copyright to the content creator.

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