Pixabay Audio Vs. Sampleloader in 2023

Pixabay Audio Vs. Sampleloader.

Unclear and illegal music licensing (Pixabay Audio) versus professional music licensing (Sampleloader)
Content Tracking Is Everything

Why Copyright Matters in 2023.

Today we are going to compare Pixabay Audio library, which is completely free of pricings, with the Sampleloader music & sound library, which is partly free but also completely new on the market. The main essence is to explore the importance of content id claims using free music and sounds from platforms like pixabay audio and why it is better to get a paid but copyright safe platform like sampleloader.

We don’t want to make a big deal out of the fact that it is now common to place your music as an independent artist everywhere, if you can’t get anywhere or don’t have a big reach, you like to use platforms like pixabay audio to make your music available for content creators of all kinds: Videos for business purposes, animations for clients, movies, presentations, influencer channels youtuber etc. all need good music, otherwise their visuals are just boring. Imagine the following: A horror movie without sound and tone, what is that? Yes exactly, boredom, no mood, no emotions.

Let´s face some music´s industry issues.

We notice that many artists provide their music and thus their work and especially their life time for free, they make the market so their own market thus destroyed, the same also in the image and footage area.

This is a problem that the artists and less the users of this data have to answer for. However, it becomes problematic when end users are not aware that free music and sounds do not mean that these tracks are really free of licenses: At the latest when the following happens there is a big cry: Copyright claims wherever you look – the expensive customer work is simply blocked by Youtube, Facebook and the like, or even worse it is when music is simply stolen in the vastness of the Internet and uploaded to Pixabay audio (because their moderator team can not check everything accurately due to too much content) – this song is used, and gets a hefty warning.

The Result: “Badass Copyright Claims”

Finally the project is finished after umpteen coordination loops, a new cooperation is in the pipeline with an influencer brand, at least a lot of work was invested.

The final touch: the sound for the video, well for that as always no budget is available. On the internet, people usually pay for everything but not for music, so they’re happy to pay for a free piece of music that also sounds halfway decent. The quality of the recording is trash mp3 96khz, but at least for free. Last rendering now with the sound and off it goes with the upload, best still generate reach: means 1000 dollars media spend on the video put, after many loops now finally the confirmation of google: the video was released for marketing: two seconds later: Ouch, label “XY” claim the rights to de mverwendeten song, well how do you react now? Saying, hey, I downloaded that freely because it was free doesn’t count, unfortunately, with pictures people have understood it by now, only with music the sensitivity is still missing. The next time rather use www.sampleloader.com instead of platforms like pixabay audio or other free for download platforms.

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